Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m currently a planner and I switch to a supplier category? Will I have to have a planner match in order to continue my membership?

A planner who switches to a supplier designation is not required to have a planner match during this process. MPI will make appropriate adjustments once members have confirmed their new category of membership.

How do I update my member information with MPI?

To update your profile with MPI, you need to notify the International association. They now offer an online form to do that. Simply copy & paste the link below into your web browser, sign into the members only section and make the changes.

How do I join the Chapter CMP Study Group?

For more information or to join the study group, please contact MPIOC’s Vice President of Education at

If I want to join a committee, who do I contact?

Our Director of Professional Development coordinates all volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in joining a committee, contact our Director of Professional Development at

How can I provide feedback to the chapter?

You can submit a Contact Us from our chapter website by choosing “About Us/Contact Us” on the Menu Bar and then check the box, “Member Feedback” on the form.

Does MPI offer educational opportunities for seasoned meeting professionals?

The Orange County Chapter is comprised of members with over 25 years experience to members who are college students. Therefore, our programming is geared to reach all levels of expertise. MPI International offers several programs for members to further their education such as World Education Congress, CMP Program, and CMM/Institutes to name a few. For more information on these programs, please visit

What is the current ratio of Supplier to Planners at the Orange County Chapter?

Currently, we have approximately 50% Planners and 50% Suppliers.

Is there a New Member Orientation?

MPIOC holds orientation sessions for new and prospective members prior to our chapter educational meetings as the need arises. If you are a new member and are interested in attending one of these invaluable sessions, please contact our Chapter Administrator, Mike Lasher at