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Member Spotlight

February Member Spotlight

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Rolando Espinoza

Champagne Creative Group


Tell us a little about yourself and how long have you been a member with MPIOC? Rolando Espinoza has been an MPIOC member for 4 years - An award-winning designer from Montreal, he is the co-founder and creative director of the Champagne Creative Group; a Las Vegas-based boutique studio working across North America – including Orange County. His unique creations have been enjoyed by a variety of clients including Warner Bros, ABC Television, MTV and Swarovski. With a hands-on approach, Rolando shares his time between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

What are some of your hobbies or interests? Rolando Espinoza enjoys designing avant garde costumes and living décor – an extension of his video game designer background. He also is a UFO aficionado and keeps his eyes scouring the blue skies.

What prompted you to join MPI? Rolando Espinoza joined MPI to meet top-level designers and to share his passion for Special Events.

As a supplier, what are your biggest challenges working with planners or on events and what advice can you share to overcoming these challenges that you have learned?  Being a supplier, the biggest challenge is to motivate planners to think differently about their activations and programs. Corporate end clients are demanding out-of-the-box solutions and this requires a re-think of both emotional and ROI experiences for the invited guests. Advice? Develop a personal & company brand and stick to it – this will help people identify what makes your company unique.

Since becoming a member, what has been one of your highlights as a member or most memorable event with MPIOC? Rolando’s most memorable MPIOC highlight is playing Bocci Ball in the sun with his new OC industry friends – wine glass in hand.

If you had a magic wand to have anything, what would be your dream job, outside of event or meeting planning? Believe-it-or-not, I feel I am dreaming everyday – literally. My job involves a lot of fantasy and role-playing to fully understand the characters my company creates. Perhaps being a scuba instructor wouldn’t be so bad… 

With all your experience, what advice would you give future MPI members? Rolando Espinoza’s advice includes saying YES; being authentic, systematically consistent on whatever you do and most importantly - learn how to “mingle like a single”. Life is too short to be shy!

Why do you “Buy MPI”? Buying MPI ensures that quality, integrity and accountability are all present.

What services do you provide? The Champagne Creative Group is a boutique design studio, specializing in experiential marketing, décor, special event and character design. Its premium concepts, localized teams and five-star national costume library achieve impressive ROI results. 

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